Grieving Regrets

Can you say that you have ever had to contemplate if your child should spend the night at a cemetery all alone or should she be with you every day, in an urn. What would she want?

I regret daily having my child burned into ashes and placed into an urn. She isn’t a damn genie. I don’t even know how to open the urn. I do know that she was scared of fire, but she also hated to be cold. She didn’t like to be away from me and I hate being away from her.

What do you do with your child’s remains? How could you even have to consider this situation? That’s where I am.

It’s been one year and 5 months now since my child’s beautiful soul left her body. She isn’t in the flesh any longer. She is not in her urn, nor the ground. She is soul.

Soul is energy, life’s energy that carried us before, carries us now, and carries us forever. Soul is beautiful conscious growing energy. Soul is eternal.

I am filling my days with what can be now instead of what could have been. I know I will have another day of regret but that is then and this is now. I must live in the now. So should you.

No regrets.


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