A Recent Trip to Heaven brought me to a carnival. I had no idea there were carnivals in heaven, but according to my daughter and her heaven there is. it was dark out and the sky had a lit haze from all of the carnival lights. There were not a lot of people there, but people who looked familiar to me. Let me back track a bit. When I landed in heaven I knew I was there and had landed. I knew I had meditated and fell asleep and woke in heaven. I landed on two feet as if I were dropped there. I turned to the right and I saw my daughter walking with another female. My daughter looked to her left and stopped. She then came around the front of the tent. I said ” RYLIE IS THAT YOU?” She had let her hair grow out. She always wanted to do that. She said “Mommy?” questioning if she was really seeing me. I said “Rylie!!” and I grabbed her and held her. She hugged me back as I said “Are you in heaven?” She said “yeah” as she looked around and did the teenage ‘duh’ look. My daughter was standing next to a friend of mine named Linda who I lost in death late 2000 from myocarditis. Linda said to me “I have your baby and she will be with me, I will take care of her now.” Linda was never able to have children of her own. She knew I was pregnant with my son when she was ill and passing. Linda looked down at Rylie and said “Rylie we must go now.” I said “no, please don’t go!” Rylie said “mommy, I am ok, look I am in heaven. ” Linda reached for her hand and Rylie grabbed ahold of it. The two turned around and started walking. I said “but I love you Rylie.” Rylie said “I love you too Mommy!” When I turned around I was crying and my head bumped into the hip of a very tall man, Robert Wadlow. Robert is a distant cousin of mine who passed a very long time ago. Robert is to this day the Worlds Tallest Man and is in the Guiness Book of World Records. Rylie always wanted to meet him. I imagine now she knows him well. It would make sense why they would both be at a carnival. After I realized who he was I said “hello.” and I felt a tug on my back as if a string or a cord were attached to me. I woke from sleep remembering every detail of what had just happned. I will never forget the blessing I received this day having gotten to see, talk, and even hold my daughter again.

I tried to laugh once and Karmic filth flooded my lungs with fluid from the pool as my brother tried to drown me. I tried to laugh again and my parents divorced and decided neither could love their children. I tried to laugh a third time and my father tried to kill me by shooting a gun at my head. It seemed laughing had gotten the best of me. I didn’t give up though. I kept trying to laugh and I married an abusive sociopath who only loved and laughed at himself. With this self-honored comedian I was blessed with two children at whom I loved and laughed at every day. I laughed so hard when I found the man of my dreams, my soulmate, the man who allowed us all to laugh again, and a man who carries my heart. I laughed every single day until Karma decided she hated me and stole my children away from me, one in death and the other with mental illness from having witnessed the death of his only sibling. I haven’t given up though. I laugh thinking about the good times with my children before Karma came along. I laugh at my husband’s funny jokes and his blunt honesty. I laugh because I know this is merely a journey that we are all expected to travel. I laugh at this journey of karmic b.s. that we must endure and conquer.